SWAY Program

At Jervis Bay Preschool, we implement the SWAY program. SWAY stands for Sounds, Words, Aboriginal Language and Yarning and it was developed by Royal Far West. It aims to embed local Aboriginal Language, culture, and stories within the classroom, while improving oral language and literacy outcomes. It is a whole class program, based around yarns told from Aunty Lois, who is a Yaegl woman from Clarence River about her childhood. The program includes yarns such as Tiddalik the frog and Builbree.

The program targets the following key oral language and literacy skills:


· Listening skills

· Phonological awareness


· Vocabulary and concept knowledge

· Use of grammar

· Sentence formulation


· Comprehension

· Recounting of events

· Storytelling skills

The program includes small group interventions run by the Speech Pathologist, to continue to foster the development of student’s literacy and language skills.

The SWAY program encourages collaborative partnership with local families, community and staff members to design, implement and evaluate effective programs that are based on local Aboriginal yarns. If you would like to contribute, we would love your input, please contact the school.

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