Information Communication Technology (ICT)

Our school is committed to providing a technology rich environment for our students. We believe the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is fundamental in preparing students for the future in addition to assisting teaching and learning across all areas of the school curriculum.

Cyber Safety plays a major role in teaching students about appropriate use of ICT at Jervis Bay school. Students have regular opportunities to discuss acceptable use, netiquette and online safety. They are also guided to talk to adults and use reporting functions if they experience negative online behaviours.

Technology is effectively integrated across all learning areas at Jervis Bay school. Every classroom has an Interactive Whiteboard and students have 1:1 access to iPads, Chromebooks and desktop computers throughout the day. A range of educational programs and applications are provided on each device with students being provided with yearly access to approved online platforms such as Reading Eggs to support students’ learning in literacy, and Prodigy to consolidate their maths skills, along with a range of  and  .

Jervis Bay School utilises Google Apps for Education as an online platform to support student engagement, collaboration and communication. Online learning tools such as Google Classroom allow teachers to set flexible and engaging multi-modal learning tasks. Students are taught how to us Google Drive to organise and share their work with classmates and teachers through Docs, Forms and Spreadsheets. Students and parents can access these tools at home and school, allowing greater collaboration and sharing between teachers, peers and community.

Currently we are implementing coding and robotics lessons to develop students’ future skills using online courses such as the Australian Computing Academy.