Allied Health Professionals

Jervis Bay school currently is recruiting for a School Psychologist for 2023.

Our allied health professionals have a special interest in young people and their issues. Our team focuses on assisting our students and their families in learning how to get the best out of life at Jervis Bay School. We re currently seeking qualified psychologist to support students achieve academic success, psychological health and well-being, and social and emotional well being as well as conducting assessments related to learning and behaviour. Referrals to see the psychologist may be made by staff or at the request of a parent or carer.

Our part-time speech pathologist, Sarah Darnley-Stuart, will partner with teachers to support learning within the whole classroom, as well as working with small groups and individually with students. The goal of the speech pathologist is to support student’s development of their understanding and use of language, speech sounds and their reading and writing skills. Our team also works closely with local allied health professionals such as Noah’s Inclusion Services who specialise in supporting children of all abilities and their families to provide excellence in early childhood education, therapy and support.