Library Facility

Welcome to the Library.

The library is a stimulating learning environment for all to enjoy.

We have an extensive collection of quality fiction and nonfiction books for all our students to love and appreciate.

We also have a large range of rich, classic literature, reference, magazines and graphic novels.

Our library has new books arriving in on a regular basis.

Our students also have the opportunity to participate in the ACT Chief Minister’s Reading Challenge.

Students are able to borrow and then return books to the library the following week.

Once a week we host a Reading Café where our parents, carers and community members can come and read a book with our students whilst enjoying a coffee or tea, in our library.

This is a special opportunity for time to be spent sharing a fabulous book with our students giving them confidence and pride.

Our students look forward each year to our Book Week Event where students can dress up as their favourite Book Character and join in on many fun activities throughout the day.

We also have a Scholastic Book Sale where students can purchase books for their pleasure.

We encourage all our students to browse our wonderful selection of fun, educational and interesting resources.